random labs

RIPE LIR Services

random labs is a LIR (Local Internet Registry) member of the RIPE NCC.

Send an email to lir@randomlabs.co to order and questions.

We only provide service to companies or persons located in the RIPE NCC service areas (European Union and Russia).

ASN Registration


  • Company/Commercial: 100€ HT yearly
  • Personal: 50€ HT yearly
  • Non profit organization or student: 25€ HT one-time + 5€ yearly maintenance

IPv6 Leasing


  • /44: 40€ HT yearly
  • IP PI sponsorship: 100€ HT yearly

Discounts available if you order an ASN at the same time, and larger discounts are available for personal or non-profits/students.

IPv4 Leasing

Haven’t you heard ? :)